Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Pies are just one of the many baked goods available to purchase at Clark Family Bakes. Kimberly Clark, pictured, and her husband Jack run the business. Contributed photo by Deana Protz

Clark Family Bakes, all you knead to know about quality baked goods

It’s important to treat yourself every now and again. 

It’s not selfish to enjoy a small indulgence—it’s good for you. Treats boost your mood making you feel happy, indulged, and contented, which in turns boosts self-esteem.

Take a drive to Camp Douglas, Wednesday–Saturday, to taste treats from Oakdale Electric Co-op members Kimberly and Jack Clark, the [wife and husband] co-owners of Clark Family Bakes. As a state-licensed wholesaler, the duo bakes out of a commercial kitchen in Hustler, and currently sells at Target Bluff German Haus Shops and The Camp Douglas Farmer’s Market, when in season. 

This family-operated bakery specializes in artisanal-style baked goods, done the old-world way. “Bread making is an art,” stated Kimberly, and she added, “Our breads are all made and formed by hand. Due to the right gluten structure, they stand on their own and rise on a regular pan.” 

The end result is a crusty, grainy, beautiful loaf of bread. 

The Clarks find enjoyment in creating something different every day. Their extensive collection of recipes can’t be found by scouring Pinterest. 

Proudly, Kimberly noted, “These are our recipes, perfected over time by my husband, Jack.” The most popular bread varieties include jalapeno cheddar and German farmers. Notable specialty breads include cinnamon raisin, and Jack’s chocolate bread, which according to Kimberly is “fancy, dark, and so delicious.” 

Bread is not their only business. 

Kimberly is the lead kneader on the sweeter items they sell. “I get a lot of requests for our snickerdoodle cookies,” she shared. Hand-crafted pies, made with the freshest ingredients possible, are now on the monthly calendar as the holiday season approaches. Traditional pumpkin, apple, cherry, blueberry, pecan, and cream pies can be ordered, as well as non-traditional pies including blueberry pear with rosemary. “We will do whatever it takes to make a customer happy, including catering to unique tastes,” informed Kimberly.

It’s takes a lot of time and effort to source the most wholesome ingredients for the bakery. The couple’s firm belief is if it’s not good enough for their family, it’s not good enough for yours. 

“We really care about our products. I want to make the best product possible, so therefore we only use only the best ingredients,” Kimberly stated. 

Shopping locally is key. When the Camp Douglas Farmer’s Market is in season, Kimberly habitually purchases produce from the other vendors weekly to incorporate into recipes. 

Clark Family Bakes’ packaging is an extension of their passion for food. They are conscious and concerned about their carbon footprint. 

Kimberly elaborated, “I do my best to find boxes that are post-consumer recycled products.” 

Down the road, far down, Kimberly and Jack aspire to own a store front of some kind. Perhaps even a food truck, but for now, they are staying vision centered on their first winter selling at Target Bluff German Haus Shops. They are excited to keep baking through the cold season, and be available for their customers. Ultimately, the family agrees their business plan is a marathon, not a sprint, and is focused on building their brand and customer base. 

“If there is something you want, just message us!” beamed Kimberly. 

“This is the right moment,” is the life motto for Kimberly and Jack Clark. So, on second thought, treat yourself every Wednesday–Saturday, and Sundays when in season, with a handmade baked good from Clark Family Bakes.



Target Bluff German Haus Shops

208 Hwy 12/16, Camp Douglas, WI 

10 a.m.—5 p.m. Wednesday—Saturday

Camp Douglas Farmer’s Market

129 Main St, Camp Douglas, WI 



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