Monday, June 24, 2019
Local author, Christine Gowey will celebrate the release of her most recent book, “Five Legged Louie,” by hosting a book signing at Ginny’s Cupboard on Oct. 13. Herald photo by Nicole Vik.

Local author to host book signing

Local author, Christine Gowey has a whole arsenal of healthy messages packed into a stack full of children’s books that she has written collectively with her daughter Dr. Brandie Gowey, a naturopathic doctor who is also a Sparta High School graduate.

Gowey will be presenting her latest release on Oct. 13 during a book signing from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Ginny’s Cupboard in downtown Sparta.

Gowey started writing books after a tragedy hit that changed her life. One day, she saw the words Moranda and the Mountain in her mind’s eye and a few days later, her first book was born. Gowey’s son, Jeremiah, was a geologist and the book centers around a purple mountain inspired by a purple amethyst, which is a stone that produces healing powers.

Although she wrote Moranda first, her book Zip & Zap Take a Nap was published first. The book is about two brother bees one of which has lots of energy while the other does not. The two brothers take a trip to see Dr. B who explains how the adrenal glands can be affected by a stressful life, which teaches young readers about stress.

Gowey’s daughter, who is also an author, illustrator, publisher and so much more helps form the lessons by supplying Gowey with invaluable medical knowledge.

“All the books have lessons,” Gowey said. “It’s good fun and silliness but there’s a reason for everything.

Gowey, who is a former educator and current swimming instructor, teaches swimming lessons and has been for about 30 years. Her third book, The Adventures of Coco in Dinosaur Valley, is about a dog named Coco who goes to school and begins to daydream that he’s a lifeguard teaching dinosaurs how to swim.

“The book is full of pool rules,” Gowey added.

Her fourth book, Mother Grace centers around dealing with grief. A shaggy bark hickory tree situated in Gowey’s woods, where she says she has spent a lot of time in the recent past, inspired the book.

“In the story Mother Grace loses her son after he gets sick and dies but Mother Grace realizes that the forest needs her and she has to keep going and bring to the forest what she can,” Gowey said, adding she will often recommend readers give the book in place of a sympathy card.

Gowey’s latest book, Five Legged Louie was inspired by a walking stick in Gowey’s raspberry patch. Louie was hanging out on her mailbox one day where she didn’t see him and she unintentionally broke off his leg while putting up the flag on the mailbox.

“I felt so bad,” she said, bad enough that the story centers around Louie, who is unable to grow back his leg following an accident. Although saddened over his loss, he learns that with a positive attitude, life can still be full of joy; a common theme in Gowey’s delightful books.

She tries to think positive, focusing on self-esteem building. Gowey is heavily influenced by life and the world around her. “The more open you are to it, the more it becomes alive in you,” she said.

Gowey and her daughter created their own publishing company within Brandie’s business. All of the proceeds from the book sales go toward medical care for people in need and cancer research.

Some of Gowey’s books are available locally at KEPS and are also available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

“My goal is to help people with my stories in such a simplistic way,” Gowey said. “There is always something important to teach kids and there’s more cooking.”

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