Saturday, August 15, 2020
Joshua S. Mouradian

Man arrested for child abuse found guilty in Monroe County

Joshua S. Mouradian, 30, of Black River Falls was recently found guilty in Monroe County Circuit Court of child abuse with a high probability to cause great harm and sentenced to five years state prison, imposed and stayed and five years extended supervision, imposed and stayed. Mouradian was also sentenced to seven years probation.

In March 2015, Sparta officers responded to a residence on Grace Street for the report of an unresponsive child who was having difficulty breathing. 

Upon arrival, officers made contact with Joshua S. Mouradian and Kendra L. Treu, who was holding the then three month old child in her arms. The child’s breathing sounded garbled or obstructed and officers noted that both parents seemed to be visibly upset and concerned. 

Treu told officers she was at work when she received a phone call from Mouradian, who told her to come home immediately. When she arrived Mouradian was holding the child, who was limp in his arms and having difficulty breathing; Treu then called 911.

Mouradian told officers he was feeding the infant when she vomited on him and he cleaned her up and laid her in her chair. He stated he took a quick shower to clean himself up and when he returned he observed the baby was not breathing or moving. 

The child was transported to Sparta Mayo Hospital by EMS, where medical personnel informed investigators that the infant had suffered “severe non-accidental trauma.”

An EKG showed that the brain was not operating normal and that the worst part was on the right side of the brain; an MRI showed hemorrhaging and damage to both sides of the brain.

Treu told investigators that previous to the incident, Mouradian had fallen down in the bathroom while holding the child. Doctors explained to investigators that this was an “intentional act,” likely “shaken baby” and with the amount of bleeding on the brain, no other incidents, such as the bathroom incident, would have caused the child’s injuries. 

Doctors reported the cause of the injuries was due to a force put on the brain from a jerking/shaking motion from front to back, where the brain goes from acceleration to deceleration rapidly. A second opinion of medical conditions was acquired in July 2015, when different doctors at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital concluded the incident was an intentional act as well and called it “abusive head trauma.”

After a thorough investigation, investigators believed something occurred while the child was in Mouradian’s care. Several witnesses reported to investigators that the child had been her “happy normal self” while at the grandparents’ house prior to being picked up by Mouradian.

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