Saturday, October 24, 2020
Trevor A. Nichols

Nichols bound over for trial after threatening Chief of Police

In Monroe County Circuit Court on Tuesday afternoon, Judge Todd Ziegler found probable cause to bind Trevor A. Nichols, 33, of Sparta over for trial. Nichols has been charged with battery or threat to a law enforcement officer after threatening to harm Sparta Police Chief Dave Kuderer. 

On June 24, the Juneau County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Sparta Police Department requesting they investigate an incident that occurred in Monroe County in order to avoid the potential for a conflict of interest. 

During the inception of the investigation, the initial information provided to investigators was that there was a Facebook post under Amber M. Bass’ username. Within that post, Bass made allegations against Chief Kuderer, which were proven to be false.

Investigators contacted Bass, who allegedly admitted she posted the allegations against Chief Kuderer based on information she had received from Nichols. There were allegedly numerous comments on the post that either called for or dared whoever was reading it to “take action.” 

According to Juneau County Detective Benjamin Goehring, Bass told investigators that Nichols had allegedly requested a gun from Bass and during a conversation between the two, Nichols had allegedly made several comments alluding to the fact that he wanted to harm Chief Kuderer including he wanted to “put him in a casket” and “see him in his own pool of blood.” 

Due to the possibility of violence, investigators contacted the Sparta PD and Monroe County Sheriff’s Office to ensure the safety of Chief Kuderer. Det. Goehring said he and other personnel went to Nichols’ residence in hopes of preventing any potential violence. 

Nichols had a previous interaction with Chief Kuderer on April 5, which led investigators to believe Nichols possibly harbored some animus toward Chief Kuderer.

Following the incident on April 5, Nichols was arrested for drug related offenses. Chief Kuderer, as well as several other officers, responded to the report of drug activity at a residence where Nichols was reportedly residing.

At the hearing on Tuesday, Sergeant Marc Nelson from the Sparta PD said that during a search of the residence, he found a box on the bed, which contained a used syringe and a gem baggie containing a substance that appeared to be methamphetamine. 

Sergeant Nelson noted there was no frame on the bed and the drugs were clearly within reach of the child residing in the residence. Sparta PD continued the investigation about the drug use in the house and the safety of the child. 

The child was removed from the residence and Nichols was charged with neglecting a child. Test results allegedly returned positive for the presence of methamphetamine and methadone in the child’s system.

Nichols has also been charged in two separate cases with possession of methamphetamine as a repeat offender, possession of drug paraphernalia as a repeater, attempted possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, solicitation of purchase of a firearm and felony bail jumping. 

An arraignment has been scheduled for October 1 at 1 p.m. in front of Judge Todd Ziegler.

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