Monday, June 24, 2019
Adalberto Mateo Quinonez Lopez

Quinonez Lopez sentenced to life in prison for Cashton homicide

Adalberto Mateo Quinonez Lopez, 36, of Cashton was sentenced to life in prison last Thursday after he was found guilty of 1st degree intentional homicide. Quinonez Lopez plead guilty at a plea hearing on Aug. 7 when a pre-sentence investigation was ordered and later filed on Sept. 24.

On Jan. 12, authorities arrested Quinonez Lopez in Juneau County after he allegedly shot and killed a worker at Mlsna's East Town Dairy near Cashton.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, a call was made around 4:45 a.m. reporting the shooting. Deputies and medical personnel responded to the scene where they found the victim, 25-year-old Israel Garcia Alcantara, had died.

Quinonez Lopez had reportedly been having marital problems with his wife Fransica R. Camposeco Ros when she moved in with Alcantara at the end of December 2017.

According to an investigative report, Quinonez Lopez allegedly admitted he took a .22 caliber rifle and ammunition from the office area in the milk parlor at the Mark Balsdon farm, located in Cashton, where he was then employed.

He allegedly admitted he then drove and parked his vehicle outside the Mlsna dairy farm parlor where Alcantara was working at the time. Quinonez Lopez stated Alcantara came out of the milking parlor to approach the vehicle and began hitting it with his fist before walking back into the parlor.

Quinonez Lopez then exited his vehicle and motioned for Alcantara to once again exit the building. Alcantara approached the vehicle where Quinonez Lopez was then standing with the driver side door open.

According to the complaint, Quinonez Lopez allegedly reached into the vehicle and pulled out the rifle and shot at Alcantara, who then ran back into the parlor area. Quinonez Lopez reportedly admitted he then followed Alcantara but could not recall if he fired a second shot or not.

Catarina Atanesia Camposeco Ros, Quinonez Lopez’s sister in law, was standing in the parlor where Alcantara eventually fell to the floor. Quinonez Lopez stated he approached Alcantara when Caposeco Ros pushed him away and attempted to take the rifle from him.

According to Quinonez Lopez’s statement, he then fled the scene with the intent of finding a place to end his own life.

During his departure, he “wrecked” his vehicle, which eventually broke down on the side of the road. A passerby stopped to help where 911 was eventually called and Quinonez Lopez was taken into custody by Monroe County and Juneau County personnel without incident.

He was transported to the Monroe County jail where he was held on a $1 million cash bond. Quinonez Lopez later appeared in Monroe County Circuit Court on Jan. 16 where he was charged with 1st degree intentional homicide, stalking resulting in bodily harm, criminal trespass to a dwelling and misdemeanor bail jumping.

Quinonez will be eligible for release to extended supervision after serving 25 years in state prison. In addition, he was also found guilty of stalking resulting in bodily harm and sentenced to an additional year in state prison.

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