Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Wes Revels, at the podium, announced last week he is running for Monroe County Sheriff to replace Scott Perkins who is not seeking another term. Photo Bob Kliebenstein

Revels campaign for sheriff official

After Nov. 6 there will be a new sheriff in town, or more specifically in Monroe County.

Wes Revels made it official last week he plans to seek the position. His campaign kickoff event was held at the Tomah Hampton Inn Thursday, April 5 attended by approximately 50 supporters, many holding "Revels For Sheriff" signs. The cast included community members, retired members of local law enforcement and Monroe County District Attorney Kevin Croninger.

Croninger and retired Monroe County sheriff Pete Quirin both spoke in support of Revels. Present Monroe County Sheriff Scott Perkins announced in late March he would not seek another term due to health concerns related to job stress. When asked Revels assured he is eager to tackle challenges that come with the position.

For nearly two years Revels served as Chief Deputy for the Polk County Sheriff's Department. He resigned that position after deciding to campaign for Monroe County sheriff. He served as Tomah police chief for nearly six years. All told Revels had 27 years with the Tomah department.

He added, "I'm pushing around 29 years experience in law enforcement and hope to add a few more. Law enforcement is stressful, demanding and dangerous. It imposes an emotional cost on those that chose law enforcement as their profession. I do it because I love it. I know we are doing something the people need and I embrace the opportunity to serve Monroe County.

Perkins edged Revels in the primary sheriff's race in 2014, but Revels was not deterred by the outcome.

"That loss did not lessen my desire to serve the people of Monroe County," Revels said. "They deserve the best police service for their tax dollars. I thank Sheriff Perkins for his decades of service and his willingness to take on the responsibility of the office of sheriff."

When Perkins announced his intention, Kroninger knew who he wanted to support.

"When I heard Scott was not running Wes was the first person I thought of," Kroninger said. "He brings skills and experience to the position."

Revels noted he dabbled in selling real estate after retiring as Tomah police chief, but his wife Terry knew law enforcement was still on his mind.

"It's his passion," Terry Revels said. "He loves it. After he retired he was looking for something. I knew it was not out of his system."

Public service associated with law enforcement carried over to the family. Daughter Amanda has been a Monroe County dispatcher 10 years. Revels advocates for training and being accessible to the public.

"I will encourage members of the sheriff's office to get involved, seek out and participate in training opportunities," Revel said. "Be innovative, speak up and make a difference in their work place and communities. I will make the office accessible, responsive, inclusive, open and more visible and active throughout the county."

Solid performance would be recognized.

"I don't take credit, I give credit," Revels said. "Promotions and special assignments are earned, not given. I believe accountability sets and organizational tone that resonates in the department and with citizens we serve. I take great pride being viewed as a leader who is compassionate and understanding."

At this time there are no other candidates announced for the position. If needed a primary would be held in August. The fall general election is Nov. 6.














































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