Friday, August 23, 2019
After he took his oath of office, Sheriff Revels’ wife and grandchildren had the honor of pinning on his official badge. Herald photo by Nicole Vik

Revels sworn in as new Monroe County Sheriff

Wes Revels was sworn in as the new Monroe County Sheriff in front of a large crowd consisting of friends, family and colleagues at a ceremony Monday morning.

Judge Todd Ziegler who said, “It is hard to imagine anyone more qualified to be sheriff than Wes,” swore in Sheriff Revels. “Wes has all the experience in law enforcement anyone would expect of sheriff.”

Ziegler added that Revels has a great approach for this new position. “I’ve been impressed in his interest in and knowledge of the issues. Wes clearly has not only the qualities but also the commitment to be an excellent sheriff.”

 “We’re very fortunate to have you here as sheriff,” Ziegler concluded, adding that he is looking forward to working with Revels.

After he was sworn in, Revels’ grandchildren and wife had the honor of pinning on his badge.

“I’m hoping that that’s the last danger that I’m in,” Revels joked.

He thanked the crowd for taking part in what he said is one of the most enjoyable events that he’s ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Revels spoke about his 29-years of policing, which at one point included Tomah Police Chief and Chief Deputy among other positions.

“Those successes were a part of all of you and everyone else that I came into contact with. All of those good things led to a lot of different opportunities in the world of policing,” he said. “I am certainly looking forward to continuing police duties and now having the opportunity to work for all of the citizens of Monroe County.”

Revels is hoping to accomplish great things over the next four years. He said he intends to create a very inclusive environment and make the people who are a part of the organization part of the decision making process.

 “I’ve always been under the ideology that there really isn’t anything we can’t accomplish as long as we discuss it from a reasonable perspective and do what we think is the right thing based on circumstances,” he said, adding that he is looking forward to working with the district attorney as well as the county judges.  

Sheriff Revels replaces Scott Perkins who did not seek re-election after serving as sheriff for one four-year term.

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