Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Sarah Lapp

Tomah woman wins national beauty pageant

Jasmin Lapp had a positive experience when she competed in a Miss Beautifully You pageant in 2017.

But when she learned the pageant had an age division for adults, Jasmin convinced her mother Sarah to enter. Hesitant at first, Sarah Lapp decided you only go around life once and decided to enter. Much to her surprise Sarah Lapp won the Elite Ms. division for mothers 30-years-old plus. It was the third pageant Sarah Lapp had entered.

"Jasmin was nominated to be in a pageant in December of 2017. And she loved doing them," Sarah said. "Then a year or so later she found out that I could do it with her. I was not sure about doing it with my daughter, but she really wanted me to do it with her so I started to do pageants in January of 2019."

Lapp has gained confidence as she gains experience.

"It was a very scary thing to do at first, talking in front of a crowd of people," Lapp said. "I have done three pageants and I am enjoying myself."

 The Pageant has eight different age divisions. In Eau Claire Sept. 25-27 she competed in the Elite Mrs. National division, over 30-years-old, and placed first. 

"I interviewed with the judges, gave a personal introduction and competed in formal wear competition," Lapp said. "I went not thinking I would win. I competed with seven other woman from around the United States. I went to have a great experience. Low and behold I won my age division."

Jasmin was there to cheer her on. 

"She was so happy when I won," Lapp said.  

On its web site, Miss Beautifully You states contestants are judged on their interview skills, formal wear, personal introduction, and community service. The organization encourages contestants to work together and support each other.

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