Suhr enjoys his pickles and jams

Mike Suhr

Mike Suhr enjoys gardening and its bounty.

He makes a lot of traditional canned items and likes to dabble with things he likes and figures others will like too. When you find Suhr at the Sparta Farmers Market you’ll find a variety of pickles and jellies to choose from. He has quite the selection. Mike also will have honey for you.

Suhr has been gardening since he was a small child. Growing up he always had a garden. Suhr has also been a bee keeper for sixteen years. He really enjoys the time he spends in the garden.

Suhr chooses the varieties to grow that will can and pickle well, as well as have good flavor. When it comes to preparing the food he’s harvested, Suhr preserves them the traditional way.

"This leads to more texture and flavor than store bought," Suhr said.

Suhr's whole family gets involved in helping plant, weed, and harvest.

They also help him at the Farmers Market. From planting to tending the garden, harvest to the final product, to then taking it to the market all takes a great deal of time. When you taste his pickles and jams you’ll be impressed with all the work he and his family put into it.

Suhr truly enjoys the Farmers Market. He has more than one favorite part about doing the market every weekend, but he really enjoys going to market and interacting with the people and sharing stories. When you stop by Suhr's table he’d love to take time to chat with you a bit. Make sure to stop and check out his offerings.

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