Last week's storms kept emergency crews busy

Last week's storms, which brought high winds and torrential rainfall, resulted in more damage and flooding to the area.
On Thursday a storm swept through Sparta, where a lightning strike started a small fire at 916 Jefferson Ave. shortly after 11:30 a.m.
Sparta Area Fire District Chief Mike Arnold said the lightning likely traveled through plumbing before igniting a small fire in the kitchen, which was quickly extinguished.
While there, the fire department was dispatched to Justin Trails Resort outside of Leon for the report of a smoke detector alarm going off. Arnold said he thinks lightning set off the detectors, but there was no smoke or fire.
Another alarm went off at the Western Technical College Public Safety campus in Angelo just after midnight, which Arnold attributed to heavy rain coming through the roof ducts and setting off the alarm. Once again, no fire or smoke was detected.
Thursday's storm also took down trees and limbs throughout the city. A tornado was reported to have touched down briefly near Westby.
Saturday's storm brought between three and eight inches of rain to areas around Cashton, washing out a bridge in the Town of Portland on Market Road.
Flood control dams destroyed in last year's flooding weren't there to slow runoff on Saturday and a wall of water running down the valleys washed away hillsides, sending a new layer of rocks and mud tumbling onto roads.
Rushing water washed away the road surrounding a six-foot culvert on Oakland Avenue in the Town of Portland, while a bridge on Market Road, which has been repaired three times in the past three years, was left impassable, when the roadway on either side was washed away by rising waters on the Little La Crosse River.
The river also took out Lamb Avenue to the north, washing away the repairs that were made after last year's flood and the year before.

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