Local beer distributor joins effort to help out farmers

Anyone who knows even a little bit about farming is well-aware of a longtime friendly feud among the stewards of the land.
It’s no secret that some farmers prefer the familiar green of John Deere equipment to the striking red of Case IH – and vice versa.
In spite of disagreements their over equipment of choice, however, farmers are well-known for helping each other – and that hasn’t changed during what folks today are calling the “new normal.”
So to show that colors don’t matter when people are in need, a pair of area farmers got together this week to help kick off a campaign by Anheuser-Busch and S&S Distributing of Sparta to bring some relief to farmers in the Midwest and locally.
Steve Rickert of Schanhofer Farms and S&S and his neighbor, Mike Wegner of Wegner Farms, brought their combines together – one red and one green - for a photo shoot to launch Anheuser-Busch’s Farm Rescue Campaign.
S&S Sales and Successor Manager Jared Rickert said the fundraising campaign centers around Busch Light – an Anhueser-Busch beer that’s brewed with corn.
“The reason I wanted to get the two combines together is to show that everyone is putting their differences aside. The friendly feud between John Deere owners and Case IH owners – they’re putting that aside,” he said. “The guys who run these machines are very true to their brands, much like beer drinkers are true to their beer brand.”
Jared Rickert said Anheuser-Busch will be donating $1 to Farm Rescue for every case of Busch Light that’s sold between May 18 and July 5 up to $100,000.
“The reason this hit home for us is both sides of the coin – our day-to-day beer business and our family farm,” he said.
But S&S also decided to take the effort one step further and make a donation of its own that will have more of a direct impact on area farmers.
Rickert said the donation from S&S will go to an organization which focuses on helping out Wisconsin farmers, specifically those in this part of the state.
“We just wanted to make sure that we’re not only helping farmers across the Midwest, but also the local farmers in western and central Wisconsin – some of which are our customers,” he said.
“We wanted to help out the farmers in our distribution footprint. We’re giving back to those who produce the commodities that go into our beer,” Rickert continued. “Busch beer is made with corn – that’s the whole reason for giving back to the grain farmer. Locally, we’ll be making a donation, but we also want people to know that if they purchase cases of Busch Light they’ll be helping farmers across the Midwest.”

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