Kicking off our first Monroe County Herald Team of the Week feature is the Tomah Youth Baseball 11U Team.
This team consists of 22 players, all about to enter sixth grade.
They play games on Tuesdays and Thursdays as part of the 11U lower division in the Coulee Region Sports League.
There are no set number of innings that the 11U team plays, instead opting to set an 85-minute time limit, or up to six innings.
Interestingly, all 22 kids on the 11U team do not compete at the same time, but instead set up so that 10 to 12 kids are playing a game one night, while the remaining kids are practicing.
This mixes it up so that the players are getting sufficient time to both build skills through practice and test out those skills in a live game setting.
Todd Pierce, father to one of the players, is the head coach for the 11U team.
He got involved with the Tomah Youth Baseball program about four years ago when his son started playing.
He noted laughingly that he was “voluntold” to start coaching, but he enjoys it and appreciates the fact that all of the players’ parents contribute to the team in various ways.
Pierce believes his focus coaching kids at this age is just to make sure they are having fun and competing.
It is also important to him that everyone is being shuffled around the field to different positions.
“At this age it’s too early for them to be married to one spot,” offered Pierce.
“Honestly for us, what we are really trying to teach them is having fun, giving all your effort, and competing,” he continued. “At this age it’s not about winning or losing- it’s about having fun and competing. If we win great, if we lose and give everything we have, even better. It’s not about wins and losses.” 

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